Law Shifters - Come as You Avatar

Character Design / Animation

I had the honor of creating the animations for the project "Law Shifters - Come as You Avatar" for the artist Stine Marie Jacobsen. I designed and animated the avatars according to the wishes of the interviewees.

Law Shifters (2016-) is a law and art project by Stine Marie Jacobsen, where citizens can get involved in the laws that govern them and how a constitution can be made more flexible so that it best serves their interests.

In 2021-22, Law Shifters has been invited by Maria Projektet to be active in Vesterbro and Copenhagen and the project has taken a new title and form: Law Shifters - Come as You Avatar. In addition, in 2021 Jacobsen met three stakeholder groups that are particularly affected by the legislation: sex workers, drug users and immigrants to write laws and design avatars with them.

From 24 February to the end of April 2022, Mariakirken will thus function as a “lobby center” for the participants' bills. During these three months, Jacobsen will involve politicians, the press and other actors to get public focus on the participants' bills. In addition to the art project's animated films, posters and Stradă, there will also be a number of events in Mariakirken, where the public can come to a listening meeting, learn more about the right to initiative and the opportunities to take part in the legislation.

The Maria project is curated by Matthias Hvass Borello and developed in collaboration with Lise Christina Rasmussen, pastor of Mariakirken. Follow the project and events here:


Character Design / Poster


Idea and Concept: Stine Marie Jacobsen
Animation: Marion Habringer
Sound: Andreas LUPO Lubich
Posterdesign: Modem Studio
Voice overs: Ben Clement, Stine Marie Jacobsen, Oskar Korsar, Kevin Lenear, Andreas (LUPO) Lubich, Teobaldo Lagos Preller, Alicja Rogalska and Melanie-Jame Wolf

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